We Are Located At; KLIEVERINK 73 Amsterdam, Netherlands 1103KD.

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Hi Radio is a non-profit online radio station. Our aim is to affect and move the lives of our youth through music.Hi radio wants to captivate its audience through diverse range of music of Afro beats, Hi-life, Dancehall, Reggae, Gospel and Hip hop.
We also want to be a social platform for young Africans to discuss current affairs that has impact on our daily lives. Hi-Radio really wants to target second generations young Africans (age 15-35) who have been raised in the Western world but also value their African background. Hi Radio provides a platform where its audience can express themselves, have open discussions on diverse topics and enjoy good music at the same time.We recognize even if we have many differences we can all come together and share our thoughts and raise awareness amongst ourselves.
Nothing is off limits at www.Hi Radio.Net, whilst as promote new talent and a platform for new musical talent and radio training. Hi Radio wants to be a positive impact in the lives of young Africans through the power of Music, News, Discussion And Entertainment.
Phone : 0031 681856522
Email: secretary@hi-radio.net

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